TEDxGeorgiaTech Conference 2020

Vision 2020

The world we see before us is far more than a simple representation of external reality. Personal experiences shape what each of us see into our individual truths.

People’s ideologies are influenced by upbringing, culture, and the environment in which they grew up. For example, going to college for someone who grew up in an affluent area in America may simply be expected, however, for those who immigrated to America, or who grew up in impoverished communities where no one has gotten a higher education, getting into college may be a monumental moment.

The information presented to us as we form these perceptions increases over time with the rise of social and mass media sources. Our opinions on ourselves, and society at large, become more complex as we open our world-view beyond our immediate communities.

In turn, these opinions influence our perceptions, and ultimately affect where we put our efforts to help those in need and our vision for the impact we want to have. For TEDxGeorgiaTech Conference 2020, we’ll explore this theme of Vision.

Event Details

Date: April 11th, 2020

Where: Atlanta, GA

Tickets: On sale starting March 28th

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Here at Georgia Tech, we’re constantly surrounded by bright minds and even brighter ideas. TEDxGeorgiaTech strives to share these ideas, from the most sobering to the most eccentric, amplifying their power and potential through the Georgia Tech campus and beyond. We are a creative outlet, and believe in celebrating the curiosity of the mind.

We’re looking for change makers who are ready to share their ideas in engaging, impactful ways so that our community can continue to grow and stay inspired. We’re looking for voices of passion, inspiration, and clarity. Something clear, with 20/20 vision.

This year, TEDxGeorgiaTech invites professionals to share their stories, ideas, and experiences at our annual TEDxGeorgiaTech Conference.
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